Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A crazy man’s autobiography

When I came to this world closed –eyed

(Not sure of joy or sadness) I cried

Cried, cried and cried while

The other laughed, laughed and laughed

When I opened my eyes, I

Cried (sure of happiness)

What could be better for a baby

Of the warm bosom of mother

Or chilling hug of father?

When I became a child

The earth, my kingdom

The house, my heaven

My parents, my angels

And above all, God, my friend

When I became teen

I floated in the sea of charming beauty

What word was better than luxury?

What mental occupation could be but matching of superficial beauty?

Fashion was the only thing away of vanity

When I became youth

I lost my only friend

I lost my identity card

(Of course not sure of having it first)

Puberty ruined my ship of wish
Among the wave’s leap

Can I pair my cracked ship?

Can I find my identity card?

Can I reconcile with my old friend again?

Can I save myself of the roaring waves in the adulthood?

What wise man can respond to my philosophical question?

“Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust”

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